Discover the program that will kickstart your journey into lifting weights and gaining the muscle you always wanted.

                     This is just the beginning of a stronger, leaner and sexier body.                                                                                 

  • Do you want to feel better and have more energy?
  • Do you want to achieve better results in less time at the gym?
  • Do you want a sustainable solution that will lead to long-term success, not just a flash in the pan?                                                                                  

Most of what you read about fitness gives you exercises -  bits and pieces of workouts and supplements to use; but no-one wants to TEACH YOU what to do in the gym.

They don’t give you the tools to continue building that lean, strong body months or even years down the road.                                                                                 

There is a BETTER way. There is a more sustainable and fully encompassing approach.

  • Say goodbye to confusion.
  • Say goodbye to feeling inferior on the gym floor.
  • Say goodbye to fear that you will humiliate yourself.
  • Say hello to confidence.
  • Say hello to knowledge on what you need to do and how to do it.
  • Say hello to a better body that looks AND performs better.                                                                                  

Discover the methods an internationally recognized trainer uses to teach his clients and help them achieve their best body and mindset.     

I'VE BEEN THERE, TOO.                                    

Feeling confused, frustrated and unmotivated in the weight room. But more on that later…

I have your solution…

  • Your workouts should fit your busy life. They should be practical and simple.
  • You deserve a body that is strong as hell AND looks great.

Everyone WANTS to look and feel better. Everyone NEEDS to get stronger.

I’ve created a system that can give you both. My new program gives you the tools to do all of this yourself.                 

I’m Gavin McHale, and I’m a Certified Exercise Physiologist.

I’ve coached thousands of hours on the gym floor.

I’ve helped over 150 clients achieve the results they want, both in-person and online.

My fitness expertise has been featured in mainstream media outlets such as The Daily Burn, and and on fitness websites like and

My passion is simplifying the strength training process to make it accessible to everyone and allow regular Joe’s to have the power and knowledge to create their own best body.

But it has taken years to get to this point.                                         


- If you feel overwhelmed and confused in the weight room…

- If you stay away from the weights, afraid you’ll get hurt or look stupid…

- If you have no idea HOW to get WHERE you want to go…

- If you’ve tried everything in the magazines and find yourself even more frustrated than you ever were…

- If you want to keep up with your friends, win that recreational league championship and run around with your kids…


Have you looked in the mirror wondering why ALL THAT TIME IN THE GYM seemingly got you NOWHERE?

I know I have…

Today, I’m going to help you put an end to that horrible feeling.

You should feel proud, accomplished and strong. You should feel confident and excited when you walk into the gym. You should look and feel great after consistently hitting the gym.

The secret?

Simplicity. The simpler, the better.

But you’re probably wondering, why should I listen to this guy?                                                                              

Meet Jon.... He made some major body composition changes (as you can see) in just 1 MONTH!                                                             

Screenshot 2016-11-26 10.10.44.png

This is embarrassing, but you need to hear it.

I didn’t always know what I was doing in the gym.

I was 16 years old, heading to Seattle to play junior hockey. I was skinny and weak.

I was called every name in the book and I hated what I saw in the mirror.

It was scary going into a dressing room filled with muscular bodies of men up to 20 years old with zero confidence in my own body.

Add to that, my body simply could not handle the wear and tear that a junior hockey season placed on it. I wasn’t resilient.

I found I kept getting hurt. Over the next couple of years, I tried to become stronger, I did what the magazines told me. I did cookie-cutter programs from my team’s trainer… and I got hurt.

One day when I was 18, while doing barbell back squats, I got to the bottom and felt a pop in my lower back.

I was floored. Done.

Couldn’t move.

Not only did I have no idea WHY I was squatting, but I had no idea HOW to do it properly.

Later that day, after finally peeling myself off the floor, I hit the showers, an intimidating place for anyone who’s not confident in their body.

Our 20 year-old captain, an “alpha male” was in there with a couple of other vets. I hung up my towel and stepped in.

“Man, you have a real awkward-looking body, eh?”

That was it. That moment.

Any confidence I had left… out the window.

I was done with it. Finished.

Sick and tired of being the skinny guy. Sick and tired of getting hurt.

I was going to learn everything I could about getting stronger, looking better and showing every single person who ever called me “skinny” what I could be.

I scoured fitness magazines. I searched the internet.

Whatever I found, I tried.

I became a program hopper. But, I was starting to put the pieces together as to why these exercises were paired and how they could help.

University helped a little, giving me the basic knowledge and understanding of how the body worked. But it was near the end of my degree that I found fitness blogs that truly put the pieces together for me.

It was then that I learned how simple it can be that my training really took off.

I got stronger, quickly.

My muscles exploded. My clothes fit better, my long, lanky arms were finally growing.

My butt was becoming firmer. My body was working better. I wasn't feeling pain or soreness nearly as often.

Holy shit did it feel good.

The solution: Simple Strength Training

1.  Base everything off of the five major movement patterns

2.  Leave your ego at the door and do shit right

3.  Hit your core from every direction, and hit it often.

No one has ever said someone was TOO STRONG. There’s a reason for that.

Whatever your needs… be it injury prevention, fat loss…. Getting strong is the starting point.

Building the Foundation will simplify your training, giving you the results you want while making better use of your limited time in the gym.





If you're still not sure, take a look at what Eric had to say about the program.

Screenshot 2016-11-28 15.46.48.png

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never stepped foot in the weight room before.

Or maybe you’re like me, wading around in a pool of uncertainty, never knowing what to do and when.


- We’re all busy people. If you’re going to put in the time at the gym, you may as well make it worthwhile.

- If you’re brand new to strength training, why not use my expertise at a fraction of my regular price?

- If you’ve trained before but want to simplify and learn the tools of the trade, why not steal some of my ideas?                                                                                                                   

Introducing Building the Foundation

What does it include?

  • 4+ week program focusing on the fundamentals to help you create a solid foundation on which to build your best body.

{$75 value}

  • a movement progression library complete with demonstration videos so you’ll never have to worry if you’re doing it right again.

{$100 value}

The total VALUE of Building the Foundation? {$175} 

Your cost today?                                                     

Let’s say you want to come train with me in-person. My normal rate is between $65 and $85 per hour for personal training and $35 per hour for semi-private training.

Keep in mind, that’s IF I have room for new clients.

I also have a limited number of online clients, paying between $100 and $150 a month.


I’ll even let you test out Building the Foundation for 30 days with a no risk, 100% money back guarantee.

If you don’t think this product is the best way for you to gain more confidence in the gym, then I’ll refund your money.

Not only will you be satisfied, but I guarantee you’ll be thrilled!


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